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Parker community calendar excellent resource for residents

Check out the Parker Community Calendar (Photo Melody Jones)

Love the amazing number of activities, events, and amenities in Parker, CO? The Parker community calendar is the perfect way to keep informed of town happenings.

Parker residents can access community calendar information through the town web site. There are several ways to view information: a calendar with links, an event list below the calendar, and three linked categories including Community Events, Main Town Calendar, and Recreation and Cultural Events.

“The Parker community calendar is a great way for residents to stay informed of all that goes on in our town,” states Sara Walla, Community Affairs Supervisor. “We recently revised the town’s web site and the calendar is easier than ever to use.”

Another useful feature of the community calendar page includes a way to search information by start date, end date, and keywords. Residents also have a choice to view the web page in list format, week format, or month format.

Looking for an event six months ahead?  The calendar shows information a year ahead or more, but be aware that events are added over time. Check it often for the latest information.

Parker community members can request that events be added to the calendar, but must meet certain requirements to be included.  The town web site has all the details.

Whether interested in attending the next Parker Town Council Meeting, getting information on local theater productions, or finding out about upcoming youth sports events, the Parker community calendar is an excellent resource for residents.

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  • B 5 years ago

    I may just have to venture down south to visit Parker now... Thanks for posting a calendar so I know what day to do it :)

  • Cynthia Cox 5 years ago

    Good directional article. If I ever get from behind the hills of WV; and come to Parker, you'd be my tour guide~thanks again.

  • Francie 5 years ago

    Informative article.

  • Debbie 5 years ago

    Well written article. This a great resource for anyone who lives in the area!

  • Mandy 5 years ago

    Excellent resource! Great planning-ahead feature to put in your "Favorites."

  • Tasha Brown (Parker Vegetarian Examiner) 5 years ago

    Staying informed of community events is important to get the most out of our community. Great info. Specially for those that keep thinking fire works display is on the 4th.

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