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Park's invitational tournament is just around the corner


Spring is just around the corner and with it, the start of tournament season. At 9:00 am until about 6:00Park's Martial Arts Academy Flags by Kim Myhre pm on Saturday, March 27th, Park’s Martial Arts Academy will be hosting its annual tournament at Billings West High School.

There you will see every level of student trying to out-fight, out-perform, out-think and just plain out-last others in their division. You’ll see boards reduced to splinters with bare feet and arms, weapon routines gracefully choreographed--you won’t see that in Swan Lake--and poomse done with a snapping power guaranteed to help keep those uniforms wrinkle-free. The excitement of the day culminates with black-belts sparring--kicks to the head commonplace and very cringe-worthy.

But don’t think that all of this promotes violence, because it doesn’t. In fact, all these students are regularly taught how to avoid confrontation by learning jung-do--right thinking, right understanding, and right doing. If a sport that will improve your body and mind is intriguing to you , and if you’d like to see what the tournament scene is like, just come on down to the Billings West High School Gym on March 27th. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find what you didn’t even know you were looking for.


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