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Park Ranger assaulted in Philly LOVE Park

There was apparently no love for a Philadelphia Park Ranger who was assaulted by three cowards who did not like being told to stop skateboarding. These rocket scientists thought it would not only be a good idea to assault the ranger but film in and put it on the internet as well. The result is a really good footage, along with other footage that clearly shows the faces of the suspects. While the incident happened on August 15th, it was not until today, August 18 2014 that Philly cops released some clear still pictures. They can expect to be arrested quickly.

The suspects wanted for assault
Philadelphia Police

There were six people skateboarding inside LOVE Park at 15th and JFK Blvd.when they were told to stop. Three left without incident. Three did not. One male put up his hands and then assaulted the Ranger, pulling him to the ground and kicking him. The other male egged him on while the third stood by with a video camera. All are guilty and upon conviction, will face up to 10 years in jail. Once in jail, judging by their build, they will become targets for bigger inmates who will fight them daily.

You can make that happen if you recognize any of these males . You can go here to submit a tip with out giving your name. . You also can call (215) 686-8477 if you recognize anyone on the video.The Ranger is expected to make a full recovery. Philly cops are now going to stop and question all skateboarders in center city, seeing if anyone knows who these males are. Anyone caught skateboarding in LOVE park is sure to get a police citation instead of a break.

The three males ran away like cowards after fighting the Park Ranger. They knew they were wrong and the fact that they scurried away like panic stricken children proves it. You can get more information here.

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