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Park Lane to play the Roc Bar in Cleveland

It's not unusual to find alternative rock and metal colliding on stage in the form of the same band.  Such is the case of Park Lane, who will be coming to the Roc Bar in on August 4 with Melovine and Broken Man. 

They released their first self-title EP in 2009.  It is now availible on iTunes. 

While Park Lane isn't entirely a metal band, they have toured with such metal acts as As I Lay Dying and Haste the Day. 

Park Lane's sound combines heavy riffs with clear, strong vocals in a standard verse, chorus song structure.  This makes them well poised for commercial success. 

The band would likely appeal to those who enjoy melodic rock but also crave something with an edge. 

Tickets for the August 4 show are $10 advance and $12 at the door for anyone curious to check them out.


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