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Paris watercolor

Free Paris artwork
Free Paris artwork

At some point everyone dreams of visiting the romantic city of Paris. An easy way to add a bit of Paris to your home, is this free printable watercolor of the Eiffel Tower from the blog Two Zero One. Simply visit this link to download the file, print the file, frame the photo, and hang it on your wall.

Love this artwork and want more like it? Well you can try to create your own digital painting from your own photographs by using a photo editor such as Adobe Photoshop, or any advanced photo editor that will allow you to have multiple layers.


  1. Within the photo editor convert your photo to a black and white image either by using a filter or increasing the threshold which will turn the file to a black and white image.
  2. Create a new layer and set it to screen which will only allow colors to appear on the black areas on the layer below.
  3. Color over the new layer with the desired color using one of the paint brushes included in the photo editor. If you don't have a watercolor, or other paint style brush many photo editors will allow you to download additional brushes for free.
  4. Save and print your new painted version of your photograph.
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