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Paris Hilton: Stalker obsessed with Paris has been arrested

Paris Hilton can now calm down a bit knowing that her stalker has been arrested. How scared she must have been when a German man flew to Los Angeles then took a cab from LAX on Thursday evening and headed straight for her home.

Paris Hilton has a tattooed stalker!
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Luckily for Paris her home was guarded.

When he arrived he had to deal with the guarded gate surrounding her home. According to news reports from TMZ on Feb. 10 the man seemed intoxicated to say the least. When he couldn’t get access beyond the gate he returned the following day with hopes of a better outcome to meet with Paris Hilton.

When he returned he was very drunk and the guards called the police and he was arrested. Officers also found him in possession of coke and Paris felt so threatened she is filing for a restraining order against him.

What was really odd and not just Paris, her guards and the police thought was quite freaky was his entire body was covered with tattoos of Paris. There were all sorts of tattoos of her everywhere including her face, a full body tattoo and one portraying her with wings of an angel too.

With luck he’ll be sentenced for a long time due to the drug possession charge and have something more tacked on to that for stalking Hilton as well. Once the restraining order is in place authorities will be looking more carefully at this fellow to make sure Paris remains safe from any and all antics he may try once released.

Thank goodness her guards had the forethought to call in the authorities and were looking out for her safety!

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