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Paris Hilton shows off her concert swag: ‘My fans love when I throw them out'

Paris HIlton shows off her concert swag
Paris Hilton/Instagram

Paris Hilton loves to share some of her merchandise with the fans at her concerts. The entertainer is seen around the country and fans show up at night clubs, venues and even concerts just to party with Paris. So what does the entertainer give them? On Monday night Paris Hilton revealed some of her swag when she hits the stage and what she tosses in the crowd is pretty generous.

“Loves it! Thanks @ SBGoodman for making me all my new merch! All my fans love when I throw them out to,” tweeted Paris Hilton from her official twitter account. The star gives people gifts that they can’t forget as her name is on every item.

The smaller swag gives like sunglasses and hats probably would be easy for anyone in the audience to catch, however the water is another story. Hopefully the bottles are gently tossed (and not thrown) because that could leave a mark.

Paris Hilton is expecting a busy 2014 and she has plenty of merchandise to share with fans. For those individuals who can’t wait for a performance to catch some great stuff, they could always buy it and be ready to rock out when arriving for the shows.

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