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Paris Hilton does it without any help


 Paris Hilton - Unscripted

Paris Hilton does it without any help.

In her new MTV series, My New BFF, Paris Hilton started her most recent show standing upright before a phalanx of reporters who proceeded to pummel her, with probing questions about the coming episode. Paris, revealed herself to be a real pro who can both think on her feet and speak coherently and, unlike the man just elected President, she does it all without the aid of a teleprompter.

Fabled to be a great public speaker, Barack Obama has yet to conduct a news conference, appointee introduction or town hall appearance (much less a formal speech) without his trusty traveling teleprompter. It was reported that he took 12 Teleprompters, along with over 500 staff, to the G-20 meeting in Europe and comedians have speculated that (out of an abundance of caution) the night stands in the Obama bedroom are similarly equipped.

Appearing without his Teleprompter at the Virginia Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, Obama’s delivery was halting and unsure. He looked down at his notes, every few seconds, while repeatedly stumbling over his phrasing, throughout the speech.
And, almost every American remembers the first time a sitting president went on the Jay Leno Show (sans teli) and ended up insulting the disabled when Obama talked about how he'd gotten better at bowling since he’d been practicing in the White House bowling alley, scoring a 129. "That's very good, Mr. President,” Leno said sarcastically. It's "like the Special Olympics or something," the president said and then spent the next few days removing his foot from his mouth, after America had caught but a glimpse, of the real Mr. Obama.

Many people remember the “lounging by the pool – Bitches” U-Tube ad that Paris Hilton made during the presidential campaign, after McCain compared Obama’s celebrity to hers. She also made a second ad (which didn’t receive anywhere near as much media attention), where she was seated at a kitchen table with her favorite “fake” president, Martin Sheen, receiving “fake” advice for her “fake” campaign.

Watching Obama script his way through economic and international crises, he looks like a marionette afraid to say anything that hasn’t been sanitized, poll-tested and watered-down by an army of unknown, unaccountable operatives, pulling his strings, behind the scenes. All of which causes an ever-growing number of Americans to wonder if we didn’t end up with a real “fake” presidency –really!