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Paris car ban over unsafe pollution: Hard to get around, but easier to breathe?

Paris puts a car pan in place after the pollution hits high levels deemed "unsafe" by officials in this famous city of romance. After five days of pollution at levels unsafe for humans, Paris officials cut traffic in half, according to the BBC News on March 17.

Paris car ban put in place after air pollution hits unsafe level for the last five days.
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Cars with odd-numbered registration plates are allowed on the roads on Monday. Come Tuesday if the levels are still dangerously high, then only the even numbered cars will be allowed on the roads.

This is the second time this ban has been used in Paris, the first time was back in 1997 and the ban made a “noticeable difference” in the pollution levels back then. It is surprising that L.A. hasn’t given this a shot or the cities in China that can’t even see the sun rise or set through all the pollution.

One way to stifle romance is by having to woo someone in a cloud of pollution that you can cut with a knife. This polluted air is just hanging over the city due to the recent weather pattern that Paris has experienced. The cold nights and warm days in Paris have not been ideal for the pollution to disperse. It hangs like a wet blanket draped over the area with nowhere to go.

Hugh Schoffeld, a resident of Paris said, “At the end of last week it was bad – you really felt it catch in your throat.” This ban of even and odd numbers every other day will run between the hours of 5:30 a.m. to midnight on Monday. If needed again on Tuesday, the hours are expected to be the same.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are exceptions to this rule, which would make a great commercial for one of the popular hybrid vehicle makers. Motorcycles are also required to follow this ban.

Another exception to the rule is a vehicle carrying three or more people. The folks who don’t follow this rule today will be subject to a fine. Free parking is offered for the cars with odd numbered plates on Monday. The same should hold true for the even numbered plates if they carry this through another day.

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