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Parents Worry About Their Autistic Children's Safety

A mom embracing her child
A mom embracing her child
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

In light of recent shootings, parents are increasingly concerned for their autistic children’s safety. People with Autism have a higher rate of interactions with law enforcement. These interactions have become challenging for all parties involved. Autistic people experience fear differently from others. Their cues of fear are usually misinterpreted, unexpected and unrecognized causing more confusing. Some police department are working to change the current environment and raise awareness for dealing with autism and other spectrum type disorders. If the police officer can recognize the signs it could possible help him or her diffuse a tense situation. For example, a person with autism may be fidgety, quickly agitated, or possibly displaying aggressive or tense behavior, which could be misinterpreted as someone under the influence of drugs. As police departments around the country become more involved in the community, it will most likely foster better understanding of the people they are serving.