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Parents who try to be kids

I love my boys and will protect them from this type of harm.
I love my boys and will protect them from this type of harm.
Kent Stoneburner

At some point in all of our lives we have to make the decision to become an adult. There is no reason to become stuffy and no reason that we cannot befriend our child (to some extent) but there are a few parents out there that want to stay young with their child; not just living vicariously through them, but participating in antics unbecoming of an adult.

Sometimes the participation gets thoroughly out-of-hand where the roles tend to reverse and the child becomes the adult figure in a household. This is very dangerous and a young person’s hippocampus is not fully developed until after puberty – sometime in a person’s 20s. (That is typically when a young adult recognizes that their parents’ advice was not bunk and actually had some bearing on their lives, but not in this case!)

What does the hippocampus have to do with anything? Well, the hippocampus helps us control our emotional responses, which until the time it is fully developed means that our decisions are rash, impromptu and ordinarily not the best decisions out there. So, if the child is making the adult decisions, they may not be the best ones for the household!

Although household decisions are pertinent, when a parent crosses the line back into childhood again, it can also be unlawful – especially in cases involving underage drinking, driving and drug abuse. Even though a person may believe that growing up is not easy, so they choose to stay young, should not mean that they get their children involved in their decisions.

Where some people loved the ‘young’ life of drinking and partying, there are now clear cut laws abolishing this type of behavior in people under the age of 21. All the experts in the world cannot be wrong about this decision.

Furthermore, buying or supplying liquor or drugs for underage kids should not become habit. The hippocampus can be severely affected – especially in cases of alcohol abuse. The hippocampus is also responsible for our memories, so too much drinking or too many drugs may affect the person throughout their lifetime.

As far as the law goes, do you really want to get your child in trouble; have them go to jail? Or worse yet, get kicked out of school?

Adults have a responsibility to the younger generation – especially if you made the decision to become a parent. It is your job to help your child be successful. If you want to be young again, do it on your own time, not on your kids’ time. Let them grow up and make their own decisions when they are ready, until then, be a parent!

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