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Parents warned about new teen trend, snorting Smarties candy

Health officials have warned parents about kids doing the "cinnamon challenge" or "eyeball licking." And now there is a new teen trend, snorting Smarties.

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Apparently this trend is reaching into middle schools too. According to WPRI, parents at Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island are being warned by school officials about kids in the school crushing up Smarties candies and snorting them through a straw.

They are also going as far as to smoke the crushed up powder. The trend started in 2007 and has gone viral on YouTube.

The candy doesn’t contain any addictive ingredients and does not get people high.

Parents received an email about the health complications including lung infections; nose-wedged maggots; bleeding and nasal passage scarring; allergic reactions and even smoker’s cough.

State Behavioral Health Care Administrator Rebecca Boss tells Fox news, the matter is just as serious and dangerous as most inhaled drugs - the threat of irritation and infection. When the Smarties are not finely crushed, pieces may act like razor blades cutting the tissue. The sugar residue can also cause infections.

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