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Parents sue dentist after 3-year-old daughter dies following dental procedure

Three-year-old Finley Boyle, the little girl in Hawaii who during a dental procedure last month ended up suffering massive brain damage, died on the evening of Jan. 3. Finley’s parents have lodged a malpractice lawsuit against the dentist.

Parents allege that their daughter was sedated with improper meds and improper dosages, and left unmonitored for 26 minutes.
Pray for Finley/Facebook

Finley passed away with her family by her side, CNN reported on Saturday.

On Jan. 4, a statement was released by Hospice Hawaii where Finley passed:

"There are few greater privileges in life than to accompany someone on their end-of-life journey, providing comfort and support not only to that person but also to their loved ones."

"As with all of our patients, we were truly blessed to be able to be there for The Boyle Family and for Finley at the end of her journey."

Finley's mom was informed by the dentist in Nov. that her three-year-old daughter required six fillings and four root canals.

The fillings were handled smoothly in Nov. But tragedy struck when Finley went back to the dentist for her root canals in Dec. and the child went into cardiac arrest during the procedure.

The parents of Finley Boyle filed their lawsuit against Lilly Geyer and Geyer’s dental practice, Island Dentistry for Children, alleging “negligence and dangerous conduct.”

The suit states that Finley went into cardiac arrest during the dental procedure on Dec. 3 due to the dentist and her practice administering improper medications with incorrect dosages.

The suit further states that as a result of the improper medications employed, Finley "suffered severe and permanent brain damage."

The parents allege that Finley was sedated and left unmonitored for 26 minutes.

The suit also alleges that the dentist and her practice had no emergency plan in place to respond to emergency situations such as the one that young Finley experienced.

Finley's pediatric neurologist, Dr. Gregory Yen, said MRIs showed the girl suffered severe brain damage and that she was in a "persistent vegetative state."

In late Dec., Finley was relocated from a hospital to hospice care.

The lawsuit filed by Finley’s parents is seeking unspecified damages.

For more on the tragic death of young Finley Boyle, see the video accompanying this article.

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