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Parents sue alleged fourth-grade bully and his parents for bullying their son

Mount Prospect Village Hall
Mount Prospect Village Hall

Two parents in Illinois are taking an alleged bully and his parents to court for bullying the couple’s fourth-grade son. The parents, Matthew and Deveri Del Core filed a lawsuit on Tuesday on behalf of their song Joaquin. The parents claim that the other fourth-grade student violently bullied their son at a Chicago-area elementary school for the entire school year, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Thursday.

Deveri Del Core, the mother of the bullied boy, said it was quite an incident for the family to go through at her household. She claims that her son has woken up screaming and crying. She also said that her son has not wanted to go to school due to the incidents as he felt unsafe.

The lawsuit also accuses the other child of causing permanent as well as serious injury. Those injuries included – but were not limited to – hitting, punching, choking, elbowing, kicking, pushing, spitting as much as once per week incidents. Physically, her boy was tripped on the stairs. According to the court papers that have been filed in Cook County Circuit Court, the bully has even threatened to kill the boy.

The parents of the bullied boy say that they have tried to address the bullying in the past. They say that they filed several police reports over the bullying incidents. The Mount Prospect Police Department has had four police reports filed by the parents, according to a New York Daily News report. Additionally, they stated that they have spoken to the school about the alleged attacks. However, the school’s administration did nothing to stop the bullying of and the attacks on the boy and the alleged bully’s parents have done nothing to stop the attacks, according to the parents.

The father of the bullied boy says that they were fairly confident that the school would address the situation. However, in time it became a very frustrating situation to realize that nothing was being done about the bullying. The family’s attorney, Joel Handler, stated that it has been traumatic for his client as well as for the parents of his client. The school district claims that they value the safety and security of each and every one of their students and staff members and take bullying prevention very seriously.

It has been reported that the mother, who works in the cafeteria of the school where her son has allegedly been bullied, was fired within hours after having filed the lawsuit. Therefore, the lawsuit is being amended by Handler. He is including a charge of retaliatory discharge to the lawsuit.