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Parents of teen bullying victim Kameron Jacobsen create website KAM in his honor

late NY teen Kameron Jacobsen
late NY teen Kameron Jacobsen

In late January of this year, beautiful and young teenager Kameron Jacobsen prematurely ended his life. Kameron was all but 14 years of age, apparently just days away from turning 15.

Kameron was a victim of bullying, both in school and over the internet. Just coming into his own, and barely figuring out his proper place in the world and what life had to offer him, Kameron was subjected to the malicious taunting of out of control and cowardly peers, who in efforts to curtail their own insecurities, fears, and confusion, picked on Kameron because for some reason, they saw him as different.

In covering the tragedy here, via, comments began to surface, written by Kameron's family, in response to the coverage on Kameron's death. Media outlets alleged that Kameron's bullies used anti-gay rhetoric against him, and surmised that the young boy might have been gay.

Whether Kameron was gay or not, whether the taunting focused primarily on his sexuality or not, these factors are secondary in my opinion to the major objective here. Bullying kids is beyond wrong. There needs to be safe guards in place for these kids, gay or straight, skinny or heavy, black or white, and that school administrations need to fully implement a plan as exactly how all school officials can best rectify this pertinent issue, immediately.

No one, especially at the age of 14, deserves this sort of harassment. All kids are confused as young teens. All kids deserve a safe place to discover who they are. And no kids, teenagers, young adults, whomever, deserve this kind of harassment or abuse.

Kameron's family has not taken this tragedy lying down. In response to their loss they created KAM,, a foundation that not only pays tribute to this great young boy, but also takes a bold and fierce stance against teen bullying in America today.

Please visit for more information.


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