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Parents of Susan Powell comb Steven Powell’s home to find missing daughter

Parents to missing Utah mom, Susan Cox Powell, has been granted access to father-in-law's home to search for more clues.
Parents to missing Utah mom, Susan Cox Powell, has been granted access to father-in-law's home to search for more clues.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Chuck and Judy Cox, parents of missing Utah mother, Susan Cox Powell, were able to look for clues inside her father-in-law, Steven Powell’s home this Wednesday. Mr. Powell was found guilty of voyeurism when images were found of girls who lived next door to his home. The parents of the girls victimized, were able to take ownership of the Washington state home in addition, to grant Susan Powell’s parents access to the home in hopes of finding more clues, according to Huff Post reports.

The 62-year-old “peeping Tom” was sentenced in June 2012 after investigators entered the home to search for clues to his daughter-in-law’s disappearance however, thousands of images were discovered of females – women and girls who had no knowledge they were being photographed – were confiscated; Powell was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for the crime.

Despite Powell’s recent prison release on March 23, the parents of two of the victimized girls were able to take ownership after they sued Mr. Powell’s for their harrowing ordeal.

Mr. and Mrs. Cox were allowed access to the home their daughter and now deceased grandchildren had once resided in; personal possessions that were used by mother and sons were still inside the property when they entered.

Josh Powell, husband to the missing mom was under suspicion for the mysterious disappearance when he told investigators that he had taken their two boys camping during a frozen night in December 2009, at the time she went missing; this led to a judicial decree to separate him from his children with permitted court-supervised visits.

On February 5, 2012, Josh Powell set fire to his rented home with his young children when he had locked out the person who was court-appointed to oversee one of the set visits; the house was burned down killing himself, Charlie, age 7 and Braden, age 5 inside.

The new owners of the former Powell home have now given parents Chuck and Judy Cox with a sense of renewed hope that their daughter can be found and eventually given closure for their loss. They hope surrounding areas of the home will be dug up to find her body or at least, to find more clues that may point to where she may be hidden.

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