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Parents of Lenore N.C. students stunned and upset over 'Chitling Exam'

Parents, community leaders and students in Lenore, North Carolina were shocked after it was learned that students in an AP psychology class were given a controversial test this week that school officials described as being a "mock intelligence test" to expose them to cultural bias, according to WSOC-TV.

Page from the controversial exam given to AP psychology students.
Thompson Learning Inc.

Students in the AP class at West Caldwell High School were given "The Chitling Test," after being told it was an intelligence quiz. After the test was over, there was a class discussion on misconceptions, bias, cultural differences and the use of slang.

After the school district learned of the test being given, teachers were told to not use it anymore. An investigation is also underway because the Superintendent at West Caldwell High School said this type of test has no place in the classroom.

The superintendent met Thursday morning with local NAACP leaders, African-American clergy, and the police chief to discuss the test. Afterwards, the group held hands and prayed.

Several of the multiple choice questions involved the use of street slang, such as:

If a man is called a "blood," then he is a: The five choices included, fighter, Mexican-American, Negro, hungry hemophile, and Indian or Redman.

Another question about chitlings asked how long it took to cook them so they wouldn't be "rubbery."

What proved to be interesting was a poll conducted by the Palm Beach Post today. The question asked was this: Should the Chitlings Test be used in schools?

A. Yes. It teaches kids cultural bias. Yes-31 percent

B. No. It is racist and offensive. No.-21 percent

C. Meh. Everybody is overreacting. Meh- 47 percent

How would you vote on this question? Let us know your answer.

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