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Parents need to monitor Robitussin intake

Cold and flu season affect families more and more these days but for reasons that many of us do not understand and would not ever even conceive to be reality unless we knew the actual reason why. It is certain that you have noticed the fact that when you go to buy over-the-counter (OTC) medications or cough syrups that you have to give the pharmacist your license to have your purchase recorded. If you purchase a ‘suspicious’ amount of the products, you will most likely be under investigation by the authorities.

Parents beware!

Why is this the norm in today’s society we ask ourselves? Well, if you have never been privy to it, you would never suspect it is because people are contriving illicit drugs from OTC meds or drinking cough syrup in abundance to get high.

Since Breaking Bad was aired for the past several years on public television, people were made aware of methamphetamines, otherwise referred to as meth. But, how many parents have heard of ‘Robotripping’ (drinking Robitussin to get high)?

If you think that mere cough syrup is not dangerous, think again. Too much of any one thing is never a good thing! In fact, this type of drug abuse has been in existence for years, so the manufacturers of the Robitussin product are now putting warning labels on the boxes. The boxes currently read: Should be 18 or older to purchase. Then underneath, in a statement box it says: PARENTS: Learn about teen medicine abuse (

Once you enter the site, you will quickly learn that one in 25 kids report abusing the DXM active ingredient in Robitussin in order to get high. What is a good parent to do? This is an over-the-counter, everyday product meant to help, not hurt.

Parents have to pay attention at all turns. If they see too much of any one thing or not enough of another (kids selling their ADHD meds for instance), then you need to address this. Ignoring a situation such as this may likely end in a very negative, irreversible way.

Just because you do not need a prescription for these drugs does not mean that people should form a false sense of security and think that an addiction cannot form. Since it is inexpensive, kids were able to buy it before the word got out; especially since it looked innocent to parents when kids would drink it for a ‘so-called’ cough.

What the drug was actually producing was a hallucinogenic high. Now kids are even pairing this OTC with a candy bowl (various drugs stolen from various locations and all put into one bowl for kids to help themselves to) which makes it that much worse. The more parents ignore the signs, the worse the situation is becoming.

Just because you would never suspect your kid from doing something that could potentially take his or her life does not mean that it would not happen. Robitussin can be deadly if taken in excess. Do you really want to find out? If not, monitor your child and what they are into!

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