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Parents need to always be on their toes

There is always some reason to fear for a child's safety!
There is always some reason to fear for a child's safety!

In Sci-Fi movies, there are always clever contraptions that come about to track people; keep them safe. Although most parents would not want to microchip their child like they do their dog, some may be tempted as to ensure their safety and security a bit more.

It seems like each and every school season brings the riff-raff out of the walls and puts them on the streets directly in line with our children. It also seems now that if one person cannot get the job done, then these people are now pairing up with a buddy in order to swipe kids off the street. A parent can only hope that their children have been taught enough to not fall for whatever antics the grabbers are offering!

Naperville Patch Staff Writer, Shannon Antinori submitted a recent article about this very topic. Evidently kids are smarter than even a pair of scoundrels these days.

The incident happened in Aurora right around 8:00 a.m. Friday morning when a 12-year-old Jefferson Middle School student was on her way to school. Not one, but two men in a vehicle approached the young girl and attempted to lure her in.

The girl was quick on her feet and did not let the two African-American males gain the upper edge. Instead, she remembered what had been taught and made a snap decision to turn around and run to her friend’s house in the nearby area. Thankfully she got away from them.

The two men were described in the Aurora Police report as being African-American males in their 30s. The vehicle they were driving was described as an older red, four-door vehicle in “beater” condition. The passenger of the vehicle was wearing a black T-shirt at the time of the incident and had a mustache and goatee.

It was the passenger that motioned to the girl and yelled for her to come up to the car as it pulled up alongside her. Incidentally, others have seen the car in the neighborhood before this particular incident was reported.

As Aurora Police suggest to anyone with information, please phone their Investigators at 630.256.5500 or the Aurora Crime Stoppers at 630.892.1000. You can make the report anonymously and many times receive a cash reward. In this case the reward is $5,000 if the information leads to the arrest of these two men, but anytime, it is very difficult to offer a reward for what a child is truly worth!

It is certainly sad that parents – and their children – must fear the unknown child predators out there. Each year brings more of the same. Thankfully the schools – and hopefully the parents, too – are training children what to do in the event of a stranger approaching them. Keep your children safe and discuss ways that they, too, could avoid an issue such as this.

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