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Parents must become ‘the coaching kind’ in the education of their children

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In America, we all love sports and we all have competitive spirits, so—why not use those skills acquired as sports fans of football, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc., and apply them to your child’s education using strategy, teamwork and cheerleading to boost your child’s school morale and classroom participation. How do parents accomplish this? In addition to being sport buffs (very knowledgeable about), sport lovers and fans, Americans are also very creative, innovative and just plain clever-----so why not role play, adlib and interact with other parents and their children as team players and coaches, having fun while growing, earning and learning. Talk to your children as a coach, encouraging, strategizing, and prioritizing your time to always be inclusive of them.

As we enter into another new school year, depending on whether your child/children are pre-K to grade 12 (and beyond) begin to develop your family plans, goals, strategies for day by day conquest positively of every possible situation from paying attention and work habits in class, discipline and behavior such as respect and appreciation of teachers, school staff and fellow students, setting aside study time aside from required homework, how to deal with any bullying or “could happen” situations they detect until they can talk to you in detail about your plans to correct or solve whatever dilemma that has or might occur. Learn to be a “family team” with you the parents as “coach”.

How do parents build a “coaching kind” spirit with their children (in sports, the coach is always special with his/her players---the one they usually confide), a good example of the “coaching kind” attitude and behavior can be found in Leilani Ankiel, St. Lucie Public Schools’ 2014 Outstanding First Year Teacher of the Year. Honored at a St. Lucie County School Board meeting, Leilani Ankiel was unable to attend the Night of the Stars gala employee recognition event February 22, 2014, where she was announced as the district winner, because as the team coach, Ankiel was accompanying the Treasure Coast High School girls’ varsity basketball team at the state championship game in Lakeland the same day. The team was also honored at the school board meeting for their accomplishment as the first TCHS team to reach state competition; the team was runner-up for the state title (Read more in article below).

In short, sacrifice must be inclusive of the product that is produced. As most sport buffs might say, “No pain, no gain”---and victory happens when you conquer defeat! Have a pep rally this year before sending your children off to school, encourage, prepare, solidify your relationship to the fact that you---parents are with them from the first play, through every down, quarter and flag on the play—all the way to the finish line and through every goal and together your team players and their parent coaches will definitely accomplish most, if not all goals set together. Good coaching for best educating support by parents.

REF: Lucie Links Newsletter (SLCSD) Mar. 2014

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