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Parents hot car death: North Carolina parents facing charges for death of child

Crime scene
Crime scene
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

The amount of children that have died in hot cars this year is shocking. Now parents are facing charges in the death of their child in North Carolina. On Tuesday, CNN shared about the charges that these parents are now dealing with after they lost their child. Sherrie Tiesha Clay and Shakee Duquan Robinson were arrested on charges of involuntary manslaughter and felony child abuse in the death of their child.

Their 4 week old child was left in the car, but they got out and so did the other children. It was in the vehicle for about two hours before the aunt found the baby and rushed it to the hospital where it passed away. They are both in jail now with a bond of $200,000 on these charges.

There have been a lot of car deaths in the news lately. This is not a new thing though. Last year 44 children died in cars because they were left in the heat. Now that the news is being shared hopefully parents will start to pay more attention and think twice before getting out of the car.

Every single time you get out of the vehicle you should make sure you have all of your stuff with you. This includes things like your purse and car keys. There should never be a reason that a child or a dog is left behind in a hot car to die. Parents need to be aware of what is going on with their children at all times and leaving a child in a car for two hours is just unacceptable.

ABC News shared that a Kansas man was also charged with murder in the death of his foster child who died in a hot car. He left the little girl in the car for about two hours as well. He totally forgot about her until he was watching television and something reminded him that she was still in the car. Seth Jackson is facing first degree murder charges.