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Parents hold out 'long shot hope' that found remains aren't Avonte Oquendo

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On Jan. 18 NY Daily News reports that the parents of Avonte Oquendo are holding out "long shot hope" that the human remains found by a Queens River over the weekend are not those of the missing autistic teen.

David Perecman, the family' lawyer, says that things aren't looking good, as the clothing found on the remains matches the description of Avonte's clothing on the day of his disappearance. The teen walked right past a security guard and out the doors unattended one day in October and hasn't been seen since.

The police shot down false claims that Avonte fell in the river and drown after being chased by a dog early in the missing person's case and even viewed video surveillance of the incident and determined that it was not the missing boy. The medical examiner is currently awaiting for DNA results to return from the lab before they can definitively say that it was or wasn't Avonte Oquendo.

At this point, the best guess as to how the remains got into the water was falling down an embankment that was was covered in shrubs and getting caught in the rocks. Once enough of the body had broken free it started coming ashore.

More details will be available once the DNA results are in.