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Parents empowered while fighting against Common Core in public schools

Common Core indoctrination has become an issue in coming elections as parents target politicians who support the Federal government imposed program on school districts.

Parents voting against Common Core politicians

The Common Core State Standard Initiative is meeting rejection by parents as more learn about the “data mining” of students personal information. Some politicians are listening as evidenced by Indiana’s recent vote to back out of the federally imposed curriculum and testing.

Truth in American Education points out that the longstanding student privacy protections are being weakened by expanding the individuals and entities who have access to student information. These radical attempts by the Department of Education to evade Congress on this issue is being pushed through by regulation rather than through legislation.

While some parents resort to home schooling and charter schools in order to keep their children out of school districts that have accepted Common Core funding others have formed political groups to defeat politicians who support it.

According to Fox News a group of 3,000 parents in Arkansas have joined together to oppose Common Core and are planning to be active during the mid-term elections.

It is not only local elections, like that of school boards, which are being targeted but Congressional and Governors as well, starting with the primaries. Some candidates who support Common Core are becoming aware of the backlash from parents and are trying to straddle the fence. However parents want nothing less than complete rejection and leaving education up to parents, local officials and the states.

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