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Parents Coping

Dancing Tree: Be the Tree
Dancing Tree: Be the Tree

Articles have discussed couples reconnecting, teaching your child to cope, now, what about how are you going to cope from day to day? This idea of meditation is difficult at best. No matter how well they are behaving they are still busy and full of energy. Autistic children require 24/7 care that is quite demanding and feels like it is never done. Often people will say, "Children are just like that." Yet, if you have "neuro-typical" children you know they don't demand quite the same attention.

The key is to learn how to relax on the go which sounds contradictory but can be done. One of the techniques while you are out walking, or cleaning house, is to imagine you are leaning against a tree. Feel yourself melt into the tree and become the sap. Be the sap and soar upwards into the branches and then come back down again and be the sap going into the roots of the tree. Feel the dirt around you, cradling you, comforting you, grounding you. Be the roots of the tree.

Music can be a source of relaxation. Maybe you do not care for soft, mellow music but your child will. Usually they will like white noise music or classical. Learn to like it. It calms your child which will calm you. Another method that works is to get a white noise machine which plays heartbeat, white noise, and other calming sounds. This can be played at night while going to sleep and is beneficial to both of you.

Finally, art or a creative outlet of any sort. Scrapbook or journal your days with your child. It serves as an outlet and a memory. Let it be frustrating, loving, demanding, whatever that day is. You can do it together or you can do it on your own. You can each have one if you like. In your journal note things that work with your child and things that do not. Who knows, with the genetic component of autism it may come in handy at a later date for other family members.