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Parents choose not to separate conjoined twins

Conjoined twins
Conjoined twins

We told you last week how conjoined twins that were separated were released from the hospital. Well now another family who also has conjoined twins has decided not to separate their twins.

Andrew and Garette Stancombe will leave the hospital Friday. The two were born two weeks ago in Indiana, Pa., joined from the breastbone to the waist. Doctors said it was too risky to separate them, with only between a 5 and 25 percent chance of survival. They share a heart and a liver ABC News reported.

“We’re grateful they have been able to survive this long and they’re both going strong,” said the boy’s father, Kody Stancombe.

The Stancombe twins will join their older brother, 23-month-old Ryan Stancombe. Last week, another set of conjoined twins, 9-month-old Owen and Emmitt Ezell, also left the hospital and will eventually make it home after a few months in a rehab facility. The Ezell twins shared a liver and intestines and were successfully separated last year. While their surgeon, Dr. Tom Renard of Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas, said their surgery was “tricky”, they are expected to thrive from here on out.

“The best thing is to keep them together,” their mother, Michelle Van Horne, told ABC News. “They were born together they can stay together. It would hurt to lose one and have the other.