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Mom charged in kids with heroin: Kid takes heroin to school, her mom charged

No parents of the year here. Christopher Troy-Jenkins White, 28, and Marie Hunter, 32, were charged after Hunter’s young daughter brought heroin into her Barry Elementary School in Cobbs Creek, near Philadelphia. The first-grade girl, who is only six years of age, brought eleven packets of heroin into her classroom this week and was showing them off when a teacher spotted the illegal drugs and alerted school administrators, who in turned called the police.

Authorities traced the packets back to White and Hunter, who were arrested and charged with endangerment and narcotics possession. MSN News, via The Associated Press, carried the mug shot photos of the two aberrant parents, also seen in the video above.

Police reported that one of the packets was found in the pocket of the first grader, and it appeared to have been bitten open. She was complaining of stomach pains and it’s thought she ingested some of the drug. Police then went to the girl’s home and arrested her mom and the boyfriend. According to news reports, approximately 20 students were taken by bus to a local children’s hospital to be checked out before being released to their parents.

According to, White and Hunter live on Viola Street near 42 Street. The young girl, whose name was not released, is now in the custody of the city's Department of Human Services. Southwest Detectives and Philadelphia’s Narcotics Field Unit officers confiscated additional heroin in the home, along with 18 packets of marijuana.

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