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Parents can Keep their Child Safe

No parent could ever be prepared for that moment when their child goes missing. Unfortunately it is estimated approximately 500,000 children are reported missing in the United States every year. This number is not only daunting to the public but to law enforcement as well. What can parents do to prepare themselves for this potentially detrimental situation?

It is never too early to speak to your child about stranger danger. Parents should be simple and to the point. Over explaining to children hypothetical scenarios runs the risk of distracting the child from the real issue at hand.

Along with speaking one on one with their children, there are other valuable resources available to parents. provides parents with a free kit that includes: a card to record a child's vital information (birth date, age, physical description, address, allergies, birthmarks), fingerprint kit, and a place to keep an up to date photo of the child.

Parents are normally grief stricken when they find themselves reporting their child as missing and are not always able to think or communicate clearly. Keeping a kit, such as the Child Safe Kit, on hand insures that all vital information will and can be communicated directly and effectively to law enforcement.

Education and preparedness are key to keeping children safe. While many parents find the topic uncomfortable, the importance of addressing this issue with their family is vital to a successful outcome if the unimaginable were to ever happen.

The kits are free and parents can request them at, .

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