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Parents' AVID ways to support their students’ academic success

The acronym AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), actually according to the Free Online Dictionary means as having an ardent desire or unbounded craving; greedy: avid for adventure or marked by keen interest and enthusiasm such as an avid sports fan, which is all the more fitting for the name of a group which exists to empower parents and impact students’ overall achievement.

The AVID Site Team at Conniston Middle School has organized a series of workshops for parents.

The AVID Site Team at Conniston Middle School has organized a series of workshops for parents. The AVID college-readiness system not only prepares students for academic and life-long success in a global society, it ensures that finance is not a hindrance to their college dream. During the course of these workshops, parents engaged in writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading strategies (WICOR) as tools for developing their parenting and teaching skills.

“After all, parents are a child’s first and life-long teachers,” said Conniston AVID Coordinator, Magda Dominique. “As parents left the workshops, they felt empower and more apt to support their child academically.”

AVID parents expressed how amazing and enlightening it has been working in groups, and he stated, “It was amazing to participate with people of different language preferences and background, and together we were successful in completing our mathematical masterpiece.” He added how facilitation by the presenter and usage of their Cornell notes, time management, organization, and collaboration were key to their success.

Who are AVID students?

  • Students whose academic performance are average (GPA 2.0-3.3)
  • Determined and well-behaved students who have yet reach their full potentials, but are capable of completing the college preparatory path with additional support.
  • Students who need to strengthen their writing, critical thinking, organization, interpersonal, coping skills, time management, and /or communication skills.
  • Students who aspire to go to college/university and are willing to work hard to meet academic challenges.

Students are accepted into the AVID program ONLY if they meet specific criteria set forth by CMS Site Team.

REF: SDPBC (Press Release) Public Affairs Office, May 2014

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