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Parents are you going back to school too? Save time getting involved with VolunteerSpot

Back to school for kids but maybe parents can too?
Back to school for kids but maybe parents can too?
Lisa Carey

With our children going back to school some of us may be taking a deep breath of thanksgiving only to jump right into all the parenting and volunteer activities that our child's school has available.  Parents can now become involved in their child's school through: 

  • mentoring
  • tutoring
  • assist with the school newspaper
  • participate in the PTA 
  • fundraising
  • grading
  • offer in class services 
  • serve on the board, school or district advisory board or; 
  • participate in the "Sister School" project. 

But where can I find time to participate in my child's school activities you may be asking?  I have found a new online service called VolunteerSpot that actually helps you with all those things you need or want to do as a volunteer.  It offers an interactive calendar, mass or individual e-mailings, a "to do" and task list. Create online forms, letters and distribute them as well as schedule events.  It is even a free service however depending on the program there may be a minimum charge to use the service. 

So how does VolunteerSpot work?  You simply access their website and take it for a "test drive." Approach your teacher or school administration and suggest how this online system could help you and all the other volunteers with each and every special project. 

Afraid you will forget when to show up?  VolunteerSpot even sends automated reminders. 

With the budget crunch taking place in many Houston area schools parents may be called upon to participate even more.  Why not make it easier for the teachers and parents by using a free service to do all the work? 

“Back-to-school is an exciting but stressful time for teachers and parent-leaders as they set up their classrooms and prepare for the year’s fundraising activities,” said Karen Bantuveris, Founder & CEO, VolunteerSpot. “It’s our responsibility as parents to help out in any way we can, and VolunteerSpot helps by making it easier for more parents to get involved at school.” 

Still don't know how to help? Visit 

Houston ISD Parent Information Center 

Katy ISD Parent Information Center 

Clear Creek ISD Parent Information Center 

or contact your teacher or school administration for information and opportunities. Believe me they are there! 


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