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Parents and teachers need support as much as do children

"A society who values its children must cherish its parents"
"A society who values its children must cherish its parents"

Educator John Bowlby once said: A society who values its children must cherish their parents.
How true!  Without proper programs in place to help adults better understand themselves and the children in their lives, programs for children will fail to succeed

When parents and teachers take the time to explore new ways of looking at themselves and at the children in their care, remarkable things can happen.  Following are some links that can help people who live and work with children do just that:

  • Bonnie Harris is dedicated to guiding parents in the discovery of why both they and their children behave and respond the way they do. Connective Parenting explores the heart of the parent-child relationship and guides parents in honoring the potential in every child. It is based on the principle that all children want to do what is right and when they don't it means that they are having a problem, not being a problem.
  • : Parent2ParentU is a unique online resource and growing community offering one-of-a-kind integrative workshops for the 21st century parent.  Author, Lu Hanessian authors brief, reasonably priced and stimulating tele-classes on a variety of important topics.
  • Author/Educator Rick Lavoie helps parents and teachers look at how students learn in a revealing and fascinating light.  A must for anyone living or working with a child who struggles in school.
  •  Naomi is one of the most direct, honest, compassionate and lively experts in the field.  Able to find the positive in every child and every behavior, Naomi reminds us what this journey is all about.
  • If children need to improve in sports parents often hire a sports coach.  Likewise if people need carrier guidance, job and life coaches can be quite helpful.  Why not then a parent coach?  When formal treatment and psychotherapy may not be needed, a coach can be a nice alternative.  Offering guidance, support and new perspectives, they can help parents see their situation in a new light.

Remember, "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."


  • Rahela Choudhury, Woodside Family Examiner 5 years ago

    So true about parents needing help. BTW thanks for the resources!

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