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Parents and reading are essential to school success

Every Child Ready to Read.
Every Child Ready to Read.
Image: Puyallup Public Library

Learning to read begins long before a child starts school. From the time they are infants, through the toddler and preschool years, children learn about language and other skills that will help them learn to read. These developing early literacy skills are the foundation for learning to read. As parents, family members, friends, and neighbors, we can all help the children in our lives build on these literacy skills. It is never too late. There are 5 simple things we should do with children.


These are not terribly difficult things to do. In fact, most of these 5 things come about naturally in the presence of children.

  • Give the child in your life plenty of opportunities to talk with you.
  • Sing a song together. Simple songs like the alphabet or "Happy Birthday" can help your child.
  • Read a book together. What better place to find so many different books than at the library?
  • Write on a piece of paper, even if the writing looks like a bunch of scribbles.
  • Give your child plenty of unstructured playtime or try acting out a scene together with stuffed animals.

Children who start Kindergarten already familiar with many essential pre-reading skills, will have an easier time learning to read, and consquently have greater success througout their school years. Of course you want to help your cute little bugaboo be ready to read. So go out there and have some fun together!

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