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Parents admit to locking adopted son away for years

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Central Texas sheriff's deputies in the greater Austin area arrested a 22-year-old man allegedly burglarizing a home in his neighborhood. The young man they took into custody, Koystya Thyssen, told the arresting officers that he had been held captive in an apartment in his adoptive parents’ garage for the last four years, according to a June 28 report from MSN News.

Thyssen was arrested on Friday by Hays County Sheriff's Deputies and taken to the Hays County Jail on burglary charges. Thyssen’s adoptive parents, Jenifer Elise Thyssen, 40, and Dane Andrew Thyssen, 39, both of Dripping Springs, Texas, were also arrested and taken to the Hays County Jail on kidnapping charges.

According to the parents’ arrest affidavit, the Thyssens told police that they kept their son locked away in the garage apartment “for the safety of their other children.” Court documents did not go into any further detail as to why the Thyssens feared for the safety of their other kids, and also didn’t specify how many other children were living in the Thyssens’s home.

Police started looking into the parents after they busted their adopted son trying to break into a Dripping Springs home. The adopted Thyssen escaped from his parents’ garage using a screwdriver he had stolen from his father.

Deputies described the garage apartment as having some basic necessities including a toilet, sink and microwave oven. The younger Thyssen told deputies that his parents supplied him with “a box of dry and frozen foods once a week.” His parents also took him to see a counselor once every week. Those weekly visits to the counselor’s officer were the only times the son was permitted to leave the apartment, and the only time he showered, according to CBS News. Court papers state that the garage apartment’s “windows were all boarded up” and that the apartment was always kept locked from the outside. "

Koystya stated he believes it's wrong how he is treated but doesn't say anything," the affidavit says.

"Koystya advised he had no friends nor any family in the United States."

Court papers do not state from where the son was adopted. At least for now, all three of the Thyssens are in the Hays County Jail. The son is being held on a $10,000 bond for his burglary charge while the parents are each being held on $350,000 bonds for their kidnapping charges.