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Parenting is an absolute commitment

Parenting takes time, effort and love. Are you ready to commit?
Parenting takes time, effort and love. Are you ready to commit?
Two Bostons

Many people think that they want to be parents, but when push comes to shove, the commitment is too great a task for them; interfering with the fun that they feel that they are due. Surprisingly enough, these parents all too often find themselves in situations that are less than desirable.

Anyone that is graced with communication methods, a television, radio or even a newspaper, have to be aware of all of the issues that parents are dealing with today. Some examples are cyberbullying, suicide and school shootings just to name a few. The question remains, is it the parents’ fault or was the child just born ‘bad?’

If we take a look at what surrounds us, we can possibly come up with the answer to our questions. Take for instance the example of families at the zoo. Ordinarily you will witness fun-loving folks enjoying the day, picnicking and seeing the various animals; a truly enjoyable learning experience enjoyed by all. On the flipside there are also the children being drug along behind mom or dad. They are tired, crying, and hungry. Mom and dad did not bring a stroller or rent a stroller, nor did they bring any snacks and refuse to pay the zoo prices for lunch. They repeatedly tell their children that they are going to see every part of that zoo because they spent good money on it and the kid needs to buck up and keep quiet.

This example tends to carry through to other parts of parenting as well. As the kid ages and can somewhat fend for themselves, some mom and dads tend to need more “me time” than other moms and dads. Just because a child is growing does not mean that they should be left to fend for themselves. This is where trouble can start.

If the kid hits the mid- to late-teens and mom and dad are still not present in their lives (ie: the kid spends great deals of time alone, prepares or buys their own food, does their own laundry, and is left to deal with school issues all alone), then real trouble is just being invited into their lives. The kid typically does what they can, but not every child is mentally or physically equipped to deal with life as it is dealt. They really need their parents to help intervene when the need arises.

Parenting is a true commitment! It is not something to be easily dismissed. It is a day-to-day, hands-on, listening commitment. When parents are present and in the ‘now,’ kids are less likely to veer off their path and onto one of destruction. It is truly important to realize this before you become a parent!

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