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Parenting help for drug and alcohol free kids

Baking together equals talking together
Baking together equals talking together

What is the most effective factor in minimizing the risk of drug and alcohol abuse in your children?  And who has the most powerful influence in their lives?  You, the parent!

Research shows that kids who learn about the risks of alcohol and drugs from their parents are fifty percent less likely to use drugs and alcohol than those who don't.  Yet, only thirty percent of teenagers report that they have ever had a talk with their parents about drugs and alcohol.

Talking to your children about the threat of drugs and alcohol isn't as hard as you might assume and the Hershey Chocolate Company is trying to make it even easier.

The Partnership for a Drug Free America and the Hershey Company have teamed up to help parents communicate with their kids.

Sweet Talk Tools for Families was recently launched to empower parents to help their children make smart, healthy choices.

The Partnerships web site provides parents with guidance for initiating communication with their kids and tips for maintaining those conversations over time.

Time To Talk is the Partnership for a Drug Free America's nationwide movement that reinforces the major influence parents have in helping their children stay drug and alcohol free.

If your goal as a parent is to raise safe, happy and healthy children, then start talking to them and make sure that you are being a good listener as well.  You may be surprised at how little or even more concerning, how much they know.  Stay involved in their lives and don't just have these talks with them once, but find different ways to communicate about diverse subjects over time.

YOU are your kid's greatest hero!  Be that person.


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