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Parenting expands to our parents

Look how happy mom is!
Look how happy mom is!
Judy Simcox

Being an elderly caregiver lends perspective as to what days could be like if your elderly parents required your full attention as you once required theirs. Just like in the olden days, more and more individuals are taking their parents into their homes with open arms; embracing the fact that they owe their parents their loyalty, love and respect; the same that was given to them in the past by the individuals that birthed them.

One such couple that never once hesitated to come to her mother’s aid is Larry and Judy. This couple really has the loyalty, love and respect trio down pat!

Although they had a caregiver in place, the couple always interceded on behalf of Judy’s mom. She was always well-fed, instructed to exercise and clean. It was certainly clear that they had every intention of ensuring a ‘good’ life for mom. It was not only Judy that wanted this, but her husband Larry did as well. In fact, he is probably the very best son-in-law that most of us will ever lay eyes upon; patient, kind and caring.

Not long ago Judy’s mother fell ill. Where this obviously took an emotional toll on their entire family, Judy and Larry took that emotion and made tough decisions in spite of it. Where most people would agree that the work required keeping mom happy and in the best health possible while she battled the elements of life would be to put her in a nursing home, this couple opened their doors and welcomed her with open arms into their home. She will be all the better off for it!

Understanding that what comes around in life also goes around is very beneficial. Displaying the fact with every fiber of their being, Judy and Larry live that concept. They embrace love and the magnitude of this emotion is evident in every generation of their family because they do.

Sometimes the empty nest does not stay empty for too long anymore. Kids leave and then return and if not, on many more occasions today, our parents need us to pick up for them where they left off for us.

Since people are living longer, many more of us may be faced with the same decisions. What would you do?

Larry and Judy made a difficult but good decision. They decided to embrace loyalty, love and respect and they opened their doors and their hearts to Judy’s mom for as long as she needs. Not everyone is able to be so selfless.

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