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Parenting columnists daughter shot by his own gun and 3-year old

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On Feb. 7 Opposing Views shares that Justin Carper's, a North Carolina parenting columnist, 17-month old daughter was shot by her brother using his own gun.

According to Carper's story, their home was undergoing renovations and the gun was sitting on top of a dresser. The three-year old boy climbed up the dresser to get the .9-millimeter gun and shot his sister in the arm. Doctors are expecting her to make a full recovery as the bulled went completely through her arm.

At this time, sheriffs are unsure if charges of failure to secure a firearm will be filed. Justin Carper has not been arrested or charged with any crime, even though it was his gun that his son used to shoot his daughter with. On social media sites, Carper claims that his daughter was using the injured arm to feed herself just hours after incident and he knows that she'll be fine because she's a tough girl.

People on social media have mixed emotions about the case because they feel something should happen,but they are unsure of what. They find it more than ironic that he is a parenting columnist and now, his kids are shooting each other.

How do you feel about this case? Should he lose his job? Resign from the position? Should Justin Carper be charged for leaving his gun out? Share your thoughts below.