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Parenting Beiber: Challenges and success

Consequences are not clear to this young man

Justin Beiber may be a star, but he is still a teen. Justin Beiber’s parents should resume their responsibility and take an active part in disciplining the young star. For Justin Beiber’s parents the problem is complicated by fame. However, the best thing his parents can do is to discipline him like a normal teen and not be intimidated by his wealth and fame.

According to CBS news “Bieber has been accused of wrongdoing in California, but has never been arrested or charged. He is currently under investigation in a felony vandalism case after a neighbor reported the pop star threw eggs at his house and caused thousands of dollars of damage.

A neighbor had previously accused Bieber of spitting in his face, and a paparazzo called deputies after he said Bieber kicked him, but prosecutors declined to file charges in either instance. He was also accused of reckless driving in his neighborhood, but in October prosecutors refused to seek charges because it was unclear whether Bieber was driving.”

Unfortunately, for Justin’s parents, this behavior is more difficult to address because Justin Beiber is 18, an adult in some states, and independent of his parent’s rules. But do his parents want a “Lyndsay Lohan” future for their son? His parents need to step up and resume their active parenting, which successfully brought the polite, well behaved 15 year old into the spotlight.

Justin Bieber’s Mom & Dad Need To Be His Parents, Not His Friends

The best action Beiber’s parents can take is to decide which parent will move into Justin’s home and become the primary caretaker. It’s obvious that these parents were committed while Justin was growing up, and it is important not to be overwhelmed by Justin’s fame.

  • Talk with Justin’s manager and limit his spending. Justin Beiber, like any wealthy person, has an accountant, someone to manage his earnings.
  • Take away his yellow Lamborghini. Insist that an adult driver handle Justin’s transportation.
  • Engage Justin’s manager and security team to enforce grounding the boy. Even though Justin has public events to attend, he can be escorted to and from events to ensure he comes directly home. During this ‘grounding’, his parents should spend normal family time with the teen.
  • Hire a private counselor with a skilled knowledge of the behavior that wealth and fame can bring. Working with the counselor, Justin’s parents can learn how to handle his behavior.

It is important for his parents to understand that Justin Beiber is not mature enough to live on his own. Do not trust his care to managers and handlers who may not have Justin’s well being at heart. Justin Beieber’s parents should continue the successful parenting that helped their son achieve his fame and success.

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