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Parenting Adult Children: Holiday ideas, Valentine's Day

Dinner for two for the kids.
Dinner for two for the kids.

Holiday’s are wonderful times for renewing and strengthening relationships with your adult children. They are a time when pretty much everyone is on the same page, thinking along the same lines, and so provide an excellent opportunity for family interaction. “Well, of course,” you may say, “I can see that for Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and Independence day at the lake, but Valentine’s Day?”

Remember when you had small children? Remember when the idea of a weekend away from the kids seemed like an unreachable fantasy? When you had to plot and plan to get any alone time with your honey? And even if you could squeeze out the time, where would the money come from? That may be the season of life your children are experiencing right now. And there may be something you can do to help.

Have them drop off the kids for a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa and send them off for a romantic Valentine’s day getaway. Or present them with a gift pack including a babysitting voucher, a reservation for 2 at one of the most romantic restaurants in Kansas City, and a movie gift card.

Or, if money is a little tight, as it is for so many these days, how about turning your home into a cozy little bistro for the evening? Invite them over for dinner with the kids and serve a favorite meal with candlelight and soft music. Then after dinner send them on their way with a box of chocolates and perhaps a bottle of wine – but make sure they leave the children with you.

What are the benefits of doing something like this? First of all it will make a wonderful memory that will warm Valentine’s day for all involved: you, your children, and your grandchildren, for many years. Also, it shows them in a unique way that you love them and want them to be happy. It affirms their choice of a spouse and reassures them you have confidence in their life choices. Finally, it gives you some quality time with the grandkids. All in all, not a bad deal.