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Parenting a teenager with dignity and sanity

Parenting a teen
Parenting a teen
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It is so easy to get caught up in the emotional and mental moment with a teenager whether it involves disciplining, discussions on relationships, boundaries and or any number of high voltage conversations you can engage in when taking to a teenager.

However, handling those conversations can be handled with dignity and sanity for both yourself as the parent and also for the teenager in your life.

Let's face it; the truth is trying to talk to teenagers at times can bring about emotional distress and mental fatigue, figuring out ways to parent a teenager in a positive and forth right manner takes strategy and planning.

It is probably apparent by now that I have been through the battle of parenting teenagers and did survive as the parent of two teen age girls; I am here still pretty sane and able to coherently talk about it.

As parents we can survive teenagers and even become better and stronger people from the experience. Here you will find parenting advice based on my personal experiences and five parenting tips that may help you to interact and deal with your teenager in a positive and endearing manner. These are not research based facts or tips but instead just simply my personal experiences in dealing with teenagers.

Plan out your conversation in your mind

Before starting a conversation with your teenager that may cause distress, plan out what you are going to say and more importantly, how you are going to say it. Think about and prepare for possible responses from your teenager and how you will respond to your teenager's input.

Find the best time to talk with your teenager

If I had an important issue or problem to talk about with my daughters, I had found that evenings after dinner were the best times to talk with my teenage daughters. The mornings while getting ready for school and work were always chaotic in our home and after school were busy too with activities and appointments, not the ideal time for in depth conversation. So after dinner seemed to quiet down a bit in our home and having a meaningful discussion was always easier.

Have a network of support

Be sure to have other parents in your network that you can go to for parenting advice and suggestions. Experience makes all the difference in the world and having a support system that includes parents who have went through the process of parenting teenagers and who are currently parenting teenagers is essential.

Set a good example

When dealing with a teenager, it is imperative to remain cool, calm and collected so as to set a good example. As most parents know, teenagers are a bundle of hormones and a young person can be set off at any given time for unknown reasons. Staying in control when parenting a teenager can help to keep emotions rational and some what level, a parent who loses it and becomes out of control does absolutely no good for any parties involved.

Run, run as fast as you can

Okay, so maybe running as fast as you can is not the answer but definitely taking a break from a teenager is completely understandable. Every parent sometimes need a time out or a little time to get away, it could be simply taking a walk, going to the store or eating that chocolate bar locked in the bathroom. Where ever the get away is that is necessary to take an emotional and mental break from a teenager, it is totally reasonable and is in the best interest for positive parenting relationships.

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