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Parenting 101: What has the most germs in your purse?

Wireless Wipes
Wireless Wipes

With hand sanitizer at every corner and every parent trying to protect their child from colds and illnesses, especially during the upcoming flu season, it may be hard to believe what is hiding the most germs in your handbag. Some would guess a pen or lip balm, but they would be wrong. The most germ infested item in your bag is your phone (or iPod). That is right.  A cell phone typically has more bacteria and germs than a toilet bowl handle. All day parents and children handle them, lay them down on foreign surfaces, and then place fingers in mouths or rub eyes with the same hands that have been in contact with all these germs all day. 

What are some safe ways to clean your phone? Alcohol wipes are a great way, but a little goes a long way. Never get an electronic device too wet or saturate it. There are also specific cleaners or wipes one can purchase at electronic stores or even some cell phone dealers carry wipes or spray-on cleaner to use. It is advised that everyone cleans their phone at least once a day; especially for those with touch screen devices. 

In the upcoming months when germ fears hit a high, cleaning phones and handheld electronic devices will help battle those pesky bacterias from attaching. (Also, do not forget keyboards for computers when purchasing cleaners for electronic devices.)

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