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'Parenthood' spoiler roundup: New and old faces return, many changes to come

There will be many changes and some new and returning faces in the remaining episodes of "Parenthood" season five.
There will be many changes and some new and returning faces in the remaining episodes of "Parenthood" season five.
Courtesy NBC

While the following for NBC's "Parenthood" may not be as large as many other shows, the fans they do have are loyal and gaining everyday. It is one of the few shows on television that accurately portrays some of the challenges that family's of autistic children, or adopted children, often live. On Feb. 25 Latinos Post shares a spoiler roundup of what fans can expect when "Parenthood" returns this week.

First and foremost, Jasmine, Crosby and the kids will be moving in with Zeek and Camille while their house is being fixed. Zeek is going to put his beloved house on the market, which is going to be a devastating hit to the whole family as they have all grown up in that house.

Fans will see Julia leaning on her brothers and sister while she goes through her separation with Joel, however, there will be a new love interest in the mix for her in the way of the school's potential headmaster, Evan. The kids will go through a difficult time of grasping living with their parents being apart.

Sara will be going on a few more dates with Carl, and there will also be a couple more guest appearances by Ray Ramano before the season is up. Since Amy is back in town and doesn't want to go to back to school, Drew will be asking his sister, Amber for help when she returns from visiting her father in Colorado.

Fans should also expect to see Ryan return before the season is over, and we will also be meeting his mother, a three Bloody Mary's for breakfast kind of woman that was never there for her son. It is also suggested that he may be included in the final episode of the season, but it hasn't been finalized just yet.

Lastly, after going through several legal hoop jumps, Christina Braverman will be opening an autism school in Berkley that will help to specifically address the needs of Max and other children in the area like him. It has also been discovered that Sara Ramos, who plays Haddie, will be returning in the final episode. This will be her first and only appearance this season in "Parenthood" as Haddie has been away in college on the other side of the country.

Are you excited to see "Parenthood" return to NBC tomorrow night?

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