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'Parenthood' season 6: Has NBC renewed or canceled this show?

Will 'Parenthood' return for season 6?
Will 'Parenthood' return for season 6?
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The season 5 finale of “Parenthood” airs Thursday night, and this leaves fans wondering if there will be a season 6. Has “Parenthood” been renewed by NBC? On Thursday Today confirmed that the fate of the show still hangs in the balance.

This isn't the first time that “Parenthood” has ended its season without knowing whether a new season lies ahead. According to Today, NBC will announce a decision about a “Parenthood” renewal or cancellation in May. There have been signs that another season is likely, though fans may need to brace themselves it might be a bit shorter and an opportunity to wrap things up for good. At this point though, nothing has been confirmed.

What can fans expect in the season 5 finale of “ Parenthood”? It sounds like there is a lot that goes down, but that it ends on a note that could serve as a series finale if that's how things turn out. There is hope for Joel and Julia, and Hattie returns home with some big news. Zeek and Camille brace to say goodbye to the family home, though it is not spoiled for certain that they go through with that plan.

Episode 5x22 is titled “The Pontiac,” and viewers will see Crosby and Adam reminisce about their childhood. The official synopsis from TV Guide shares that Ryan and Amber will reunite, and things get a bit dicey when Amber meets Ryan's mom. Sarah has an answer for Hank about a reconciliation while Drew “pursues his bliss.” Also, Victor will get a driving lesson from Zeek and he “ triumphs over his fears.”

Thursday night's episode is clearly going to be jammed full of emotional moments and fans will need to have tissues nearby. While viewers are still hopeful that “Parenthood” will be renewed, it does indeed sound as if the season 5 finale will leave things in an uplifting and satisfying way. Viewers are anxious to see how everything plays out, and it all goes down during the "Parenthood" season 5 finale airing Thursday, April 17 on NBC.