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‘Parenthood’ renewed by NBC? Season 6 desired by loyal viewers

Craig T. Nelson plays the character Zeek on NBC's Parenthood
Photo by Chelsea Lauren

Fans of “Parenthood” are looking for answers when it comes to season six. Last week the season finale of the show aired and viewers got to see closure for several of the characters. Considered one of the best prime time shows on NBC, it was a chance for fans to know what the characters were thinking about for the future just in case the show was cancelled. According to Buffalo News on Friday, the network hasn't addressed the issue of renewal, but the show hasn't been cancelled either.

It is fair to say the fans want “Parenthood” renewed for another season. Many of the viewers who watch the show on a weekly basis find themselves relating to the characters. With the season over, people are wondering will there be more episodes and fans have been vocal of the desire to continue the show. Social media is full of comments on the wish to see the show again in September.

There has been no news from NBC after the finale which makes fans worry. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the show is technically hanging in the balance. The network needs to decide scheduling and look over ratings before making a final decision.

“Parenthood” fans should not be discouraged that no decision means bad news. In fact NBC is one of the few networks that only renewed a handful of shows and the rest are being considered. The final ratings play into the decision and what might be a new season needs to be reviewed carefully before a commitment.

With the delay there might be a worry about filming the series for the upcoming season. There is much work to be done when making a show and getting writers to make the episode is the first big hurdle. Then the cast and crew needs to come in and breathe life into the story.

Will “Parenthood” return for season six? If NBC listens to the fans, it definitely has a good chance to be in the lineup once again.

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