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‘Parenthood’ renewal? NBC looks to cast to take pay cut before committing

Dax Shepard might have to take a pay cut for Parenthood renewal
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen

The fans of “Parenthood” haven’t heard that the show has been renewed yet and the outcome of what might happen is still on the fence. Apparently all hope is not lost yet, but there is a wrinkle to getting the show to return. According to US Weekly on Saturday, the reason there hasn't been an official announcement is NBC is asking the cast to take a pay cut before committing to another season of the show.

While it is unusual that the issues of pay structure would be brought to the fan’s attention, this show is anything but normal. The viewers are diehard fans who want to know every detail and even little nuggets like pay structure has everyone intrigued.

So who would be taking a pay cut if “Parenthood” is brought back? The cast members who are being asked to take less money include Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Monica Potter, Erika Christensen and Dax Shepard, all of which who are regulars on the show. There might be additional cuts for the crew as well, depending on the budget of the series.

The shock of this scenario is that NBC needs to make final arrangements for the evening lineup in the very near future. The later the show is decided upon, the more likely it is that the show won’t be started in the fall. It takes time to produce a quality show and without a decision yet, time isn’t on the side of the “Parenthood” fans. If the production does move forward, this would be the final season of the popular show.

Will the cast of “Parenthood” take a pay cut? There seems something wrong about asking actors to take less than they were worth the season before. While nobody would fault them for walking away and declining the offer, it remains to be seen what might happen.

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