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Parent quiz: how well do you really know your child?

Invest in your child to let her know how much you love her.
Invest in your child to let her know how much you love her.
Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

One of my favorite quotes is from John Maxwell. You may know it:

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

This speaks directly about our kids. The older they get, the less receptive they may be when we teach them how to walk with – and like – Christ.

That is, unless we take an active interest in their lives.

That means:

Being available for them
Spending quality and quantity time with them
Listening intently when they talk
Asking questions about church, friends, school, interests, dreams and daily issues
Instilling them with love, encouragement and wisdom.
But how can we measure if we’re hitting the target?

One way is simply by how well we know our kids. Do we have a steady hand on the pulse of their lives, or are our kids more like strangers merely sharing a roof?

If your child is grade-school age or older, it’s quiz time. Take out your No. 2 pencil and answer these questions. And no asking your kid for answers now!

Do you know …

The names of your child’s friends? (And who is your child’s best friend?)
Her preferred learning style?
His love language – how he likes best to receive love?
Her top talents – and what she thinks she does best?
What he thinks he isn’t good at?
Her favorite and least favorite school subjects? What she likes and dislikes about school, too?
His best – and worst – time of day?
Her favorite movie, song, musician, book, Web site and TV show?
His favorite activities?
Her favorite things to do as a family?
His favorite Bible verse, passage or biography?
Her hopes and dreams?
His favorite family meal?
What she values most?
Who he looks up to most?
Her favorite flavor of ice cream?
His favorite breakfast?
Her biggest fear?
His biggest pet peeve?
Her character’s greatest strength and biggest weakness?
If you got 18 or more answers right, you’re doing a terrific job of connecting with your child. Well done!

If you answered 15 to 17 questions correctly, you’re doing well but have a little room for improvement.

If you answered 14 or fewer questions right, you probably need to spend more time and energy getting to know your child.

But the truth is, we all can connect more closely with our kids, can’t we? It’s an ongoing process and one of our highest responsibilities from God. Let’s not look back and lament neglecting our children, even for a season. We only get one shot with them. Let’s make the most of it … starting today.

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