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Parent Claims PE Coach Bruised Son with Autism

Recently, Ms. Morin's 5-year-old son brought home a note stating he had an outburst in physical ed and refused the time-out punishment. When the son showed Ms. Morin his arms, she realized something must be done.

In an interview with Action 4, Morin states the children were playing dodge ball at Wilson Elementary School. The son was eliminated but became upset. This is not uncommon for children with a diagnosis of Autism. Morin believes the coach used excessive amount of force to make him leave the game. An amount excessive enough to cause bruising to the young child's arm.

This could have been avoided had a good behavior intervention plan been in place and followed. any child who has a behavior that has the potential to impede learning, harm himself, or harm others should have a BIP in place. For children with multiple concerns, such as those with Autism, a Board Certified Behavior Ananlyst (BCBS) should be consulted. These experts assist in identifying triggers and developing strategies to avoid or mitigate targeted behaviors.

A police report has been filed and an investigation is underway.


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