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Parent appreciation week boosts school support

We recently celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week in our schools. It's the parents' turn now. The Imagine school in Sarasota is celebrating its parents this week for Parent Appreciation Week. Parents who are happy with their child's school are the biggest asset that our schools can have in these times when there is so much negative information about both public schools and private schools. The Imagine School in Sarasota is one of the many charter schools in the country now. A charter school is both a public school and a private school, and uses the best of both worlds to create a good educational environment.

Creative and supportive ways to show Parent Pride in schools
Creative and supportive ways to show Parent Pride in schools
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Parents involvement with school
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Parent Pride Week at The Imagine School is being celebrated to invite parents to show off their pride in the school. Free decals for the car window are always great tools to use to show that your child attends the school, and that you support the school in its effort to provide a good educational environment. Parents may request their car decals for the Imagine School during the week.

The Imagine School is also excited to launch their FaceBook page for Parent Pride Week. Parents will be invited to "Like" the school and receive updates about activities at the school Parents will also be invited to post their ideas about what they like about their school, staff, and teachers. They are encouraged to post a picture of their child in their school uniform. The use of social media is now being used across the country to post what is good about our schools, and The Imagine School is excited to join other schools in using this social media tool with their new FaceBook Page.

The Imagine School is located at 6220 McIntosh Road in Sarasota. Check out their website at to see a successful example of a charter school.

Parent Pride Week at your child's school can boost school support with creative ideas for every school. Check out the interesting video for one parent's involvement in her child's school choice.

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