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Parent and promoter are satisfied with Dusty

Hernandez-Harrison stays undefeated
Hernandez-Harrison stays undefeated
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

For such a young professional fighter, Dusty Hernandez-Harrison is extremely popular among his fans. Bus loads of his followers will pack his fights like no other fighter at his age, (just turned 20). He will sometimes greet the bus, like he did in his last fight at Madison Square Garden, the main Garden, not the theater, and shake hands and take pictures. It seems that he knows each one personally. His father and trainer, Buddy Harrison can not be more prouder of his son. "He has matured so much. This last fight was beautiful. He followed instructions to the letter. He likes to bang and I told him to be careful. This guy had knocked out 12 of his 15 winning opponents. This may have been his best overall performance to date." Dusty won a unanimous decision over Wilfredo Acuna to take his record to 23-0.

His promoter, All-In Entertainment, led by DC attorney Jeff Fried, is equally satisfied with where Hernandez-Harrison is at this point. "Mission Accomplished with regard to Dusty's performance at the Garden. He was disciplined and used his skill sets, size and poise against an experienced boxer that has faced championship level opposition." People who know Fried, know that he always has long range plans for his clients. "Since Dusty was 18, we had an initial five year promotional plan in promoting Dusty in a manner that he reaches his maximum potential in and out of the ring. Coming on two years, the plan was for Dusty to have diverse exposure opportunities, learn what it takes to go 10 rounds, face tall opponents, shorter opponents, southpaws, on and off TV, main event and opening bouts, major and minor markets and end 2014 ready for broadcast main and semi main events.We did not waver from that plan...."

After the fight, Hernandez-Harrison hopped on a plane to Puerto Rico for his family reunion and was greeted at the airport by reporters, according to Buddy. "Dusty will be coming home in September. There is a bona fide mutual admiration between Dusty and his fans, which will be on full display through out the promotion of the September event", says Fried. There is a good chance that the September bout will be at the iconic DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. Please subscribe and be on board as Dusty fights toward his goal of being world champ.