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Parent and child one day art classes

Pottery at Laguna Gloria
Pottery at Laguna Gloria

The Art School at Laguna Gloria, a branch of the Austin Museum of Art, offers one session classes designed for parents and children to be creative together. The campus of Laguna Gloria is a beautiful place to visit either way. Originally the buildings were a villa which was donated to the AMOA for educational purposes. A more beautiful and inspiration in Austin is hard to find.

Pottery at Laguna Gloria
Alex Campbell

The classes, which occur on a Saturday, range from mosaic stepping stones, offered on May 9th, to Sweet Heart Art, offered just in time for Valentines Day. The most popular class is the Ukrainian Eggs class in which the students, both parents and adults, learn the traditional art of Ukrainian egg decoration with wax. Students design their own patterns, choose their colors, and create their decorative eggs with the help of an instructor.

The classes last about three hours and cost $49 with addition supply fees depending on the class. Classes for younger children (age 3 to 4) are also offered and registration has already begun. If you’re looking for a way to reign in the creativity of your child, these classes seem to be a great outlet!

For more information and an online catalog, please visit the AMOA Art School website.


  • Rick J 5 years ago

    Thanks for the info on Laguna Gloria. It's nice to see AMOA from a different perspective.