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Parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico at Florida's Bonita Springs

Three people parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico
Three people parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico
M Jester

Once you have your RV parked at one of the beautiful RV campgrounds near Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida you may choose to take what some call the best adventure over water. Parasailing is a unique sport that involves a fast boat, a parachute like device and a large body of water. You and up to two others literally fly above the waves as the speed boat pulls you through the air.

Bonita Jetski and Parsailing is but one of the vendors near Naples, Florida, that offer this exciting adventure. The rigging of the parasail is large enough to handle three adults. The boat starts from the beach. Swimming suits are recommended. You actually can launch and land on the back of the boat, however most prefer the fun of a water landing.

This is considered a safe sport, and the crews of the Bonita Jetski and Parasailing company are Coast Guard licensed and well trained. Costs vary depending upon the number of riders and the length of the tow rope. There are 600 feet and 1200 feet ropes offered. These are the lengths of the rope, not actual eight gained. For as little as $80 one person may enjoy this action packed attraction. For a party of three using the 1200 foot rope the cost is listed as $250.

In addition to the flight itself, Bonita Jetski and Parasailing offers some very nice photo packages. These photos are taken by one of the crew with a professional digital SLR camera. At the end of the trip you pay only $25 dollars for a CD with the pictures of your flight. I would think that most people would take advantage of this offer. In addition, you don’t have to take a chance on dropping your camera gear into the water.

Parsailing has gained popularity over the years. Add to your adventures on the road with your RV by tacking on a parasailing flight over the Gulf of Mexico. You will have some great stories to tell around the campfire about your flight over the Gulf!